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Same-Sex Marriage Initiative Group to start collecting signatures on Saturday

Same-Sex Marriage Initiative Group to start collecting signatures on Saturday

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AIME) - The Arkansas Initiative for Marriage Equality (AIME) is prepared to collect signatures for The Arkansas Same-Sex Marriage Amendment (ASSMA) after the certification of their popular name and ballot title by the Attorney General, the filing of the petition part with Elections, and the first batch of petitions being printed.  They will start collecting on January 18th at the Fourth Annual Rally for Reproductive Justice (1:00pm on the steps of the Arkansas State Capitol).

New program showcases the state’s large-acre sites to prospective companies

New program showcases the state’s large-acre sites to prospective companies

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (AEDC) The Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC) joined Governor Mike Beebe today to announce a new initiative to better position Arkansas to strategically compete for projects requiring large acreage. Those locations worthy of the “Advance Arkansas Sites” distinction must be ready for rapid industrial development and meet AEDC’s highest standards of quality.

Two large-acreage sites, the Little Rock Metro Mega Site and West Memphis Mega Site, are already featured on www.AdvanceArkansasSites.com. Each location lists property information, demographics and workforce information to educate prospective businesses on the economic and environmental landscape of Arkansas.

LRAFB speaks out on government shutdown

JACKSONVILLE, Ark. (KTHV) - The Little Rock Air Force has spoken out on the government shutdown.

Workers at the Jacksonville base felt the impact this week as approximately 350 civilian personnel were furloughed.

Col. Patrick Rhatigan of the US Air Force discussed the measures they're taking to take care of must-pay bills overseas during the shutdown. He said the uncertainty is extremely disruptive to the entire department of defense.

"What I know - rest assured - we do not have extra money, and we do not have extra people, and we need everyone to get the mission done," explained Rhatigan.

Col. Rhatigan said positions are open, but airmen are covering down on the capability. He added that they are getting planes in the air and doing their duty despite furloughs because the mission, he says, cannot fail.

Live Salsa Music & More During Latino Food & Music Festival

Live Salsa Music & More During Latino Food & Music Festival

Saturday, September 14, 6-10pm, enjoy a night of delicious Latin food, wonderful atmosphere, live salsa music, and even better company!

Featuring food vendors from Brazil, Argentina, El Salvador, Mexico, Honduras, Bolivia, Columbia & Nicaragua. It all happens at the Argenta Farmers Market Plaza, 520 Main Street, Argenta Arts District, downtown NLR.

Sherwood, Jacksonville push for wet areas in town

SHERWOOD, Ark. (KTHV) - The campaign is on for two more Pulaski County communities--Sherwood and Jacksonville--that are pushing to take certain pockets of their towns from dry areas to wet.

The ultimate goal is to hold an election later this year that lets voters in the dry pockets of their towns decide on a switch to "wet." Sherwood brought its pitch to the community on Monday night.

In a few parts of Sherwood, like up and down Brockington Road or in the Gravel Ridge area, it's been dry for decades.

"In 1956, it was for Sherwood," said Kelly Coughlin, Economic Development Director for the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce.

Since then in those areas, there have been no drinks with dinner or a case of beer to pick-up at the convenience store, but the push is now on to change that.

Bill would allow vote to change dry areas

NORTH LITTLE ROCK (KTHV) - Some Arkansas communities may get a chance to go from being a dry area to wet one if a proposed bill clears the legislature this session.

Senate Bill 374 has already cleared the Senate, and it's on the House agenda on Tuesday. If approved, it will allow specific areas that are dry in an overall wet county to let voters in those areas decide on a change, and the areas include the Park Hill neighborhood of North Little Rock.

La Salsa Mexican Restaurant in North Little Rock's Park Hill neighborhood is one of the few places in this community where folks like Kevin Cates and wife can have a beer with dinner.

"We like to have a drink every once in awhile. The membership thing is a little bit inconvenient. It seems like it's just kind of this formality that they could kind of avoid," Cates said.

Government spending cuts affecting Arkansans

SHERWOOD, Ark. (KTHV) - The federal spending cuts have only been law for three days and already their effects are being felt in Arkansas. Some military families here in Arkansas are preparing for up to a 20 percent cut in their incomes.

Sharon Branch and her husband Joe have lived all over the country. Joe, serving first in the Navy, is now a Army reservist and civilian employee for the 90th Sustainment Brigade. And, while Sharon said it is an honor for her family to serve the military, with the recent federal spending cuts, it will become a challenge.

"He was given this flag in recognition of his service in Iraq," said Sharon Branch, showing her husband Joe's American flag displayed in her family's living room.

It is a symbol of her family's sacrifice, Sharon Branch said, her husband's first tour in Iraq. But now, a new sacrifice has her worried.