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AG's office investigating local car lot | News

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AG's office investigating local car lot

JACKSONVILLE, Ark. (KTHV) - A used car lot in Jacksonville is under investigation after 15 people alleged that the business was selling cars and not giving the customers their titles.

There are frustrations on both sides of this scenario. Customers say Miracle Motors in Jacksonville withheld their titles, but the business owner claims the titles have been available for them to take.

"He doesn't deal with the paper work. He just wants the cash,” said Mary Cummings.

She is one of the 15 victims involved in a consumer protection lawsuit filed by the Attorney General's Office against Miracle Motors in Jacksonville. That lawsuit was filed after victims claimed Miracle Motors didn't provide them with titles for cars purchased at the lot.

"He kept claiming that it wasn't there, it wasn't there. Call the clerk. And it was just a horrible mess,” Cummings added.

Only Miracle Motors Owner, Rashaun Wilburd claims that the titles were there, and are still there to this day.

"I've got titles here that I sent out, certified mail that people did not pick up from the post office. All these titles were sent out back in September, October and people just didn't pick these titles up from the post office,” said Wilburd. He stated that last year, he purchased nearly 800 cars from Adesa Auction in North Little Rock. Those auction houses have 45 days to produce the title.

"When the auction produces me the title, I then furnish it to the customer," explained Wilburd.

For Mary Cummings, things weren't that simple. She says it took her 2 and a half months to get the title.

"If you're driving a car, no title, no tags, because someone won't do their job right, of course it's going to impact your life," said Cummings.

In a written statement, Attorney General Lesley Rutledge said this:

"The deceptive fraud that Miracle Motors undertook left many Arkansans in difficult positions, putting not only their transportation and credit at risk, but also their livelihoods."

Wilburd said his customers are welcome to pick up their titles from his Jacksonville lot.

Mary Cummings told THV11 that hopes the Attorney General's Office will make an example of companies like Miracle Motors, which she says takes advantage of customers.